The Art and Science of Transformation 

Welcome to a New Way.

Refocus, Reset, Reinforce, Recharge, Return stronger. 

MyGuru is exclusively created to serve the needs of people who need it. It cannot be purchased. 

We help people grow stronger and then do great things. 

When we speak of transformation we mean that transformation is not about changing who you are into something that you are not. Transform is to return to who you are; but stronger. We work with organizations which serve the health and welfare of people such as a commercial basis or as a service organization. If your purpose is commercial then we can be added to your offering or brought in as a wellness offering. If you help the poor then we are a FREE positive resource to help lift and guide to a better life. 

Our mission: We want to free people from self-limiting beliefs and usher in wellness and fresh starts. Our students feel renewed, empowered, trained and then supported in live group Achievement Coaching sessions. We exist to help people achieve their purpose-driven lives. 

Our operational model choices: Serving the needs of a business or serving people in centers or shelters. You can use this service as an addition to your offering as a health club or bring us in to serve your people and community. More importantly, we focus on lifting people who really need help. This is free if you serve the needs of the poor or people in crisis. 

We provide a highly-needed source of hope, positivity, health and opportunity for people through our on-line self-improvement in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects in our web wellness studio. For gyms or small businesses, There is NOTHING to buy, stock or anything. There is NO COMMITMENT, NO CONTRACT, NO TERM LENGTH, nothing to learn, or spend anytime to support. We made this to be easy to adopt as there is no downside. For workplace wellness, we price according to number of employees and depth of services. Based on how we focus on the resistant audience, we are an effective and inexpensive option. 

Scroll down to read all of the sections below. 

We have many ways to work with organizations which serve people. We do not work direct with consumers but direct our efforts towards extending the relationship that organizations have with their people. See some of the ways we work below. 

To future students. We made this to be easy and powerful

Sherpa, shaman, sensei, guru, medicine man, coach, priest, rabbi, parent, guardian, teacher... throughout human history, they help people move forward. The kinds of teachers who help you unlock your greatness. A guru leads you through self-discovery. A guru is always with you or slightly ahead to help you believe in your own power. Do you have a source to help you move forward? We believe in your greatness and power. We need more people in the world who feel good! People who feel good, inspire others. That is our purpose.

All people want something but most have no consistent and proven way to help them. This is an effective way for people who want to feel better and live better to find their path. We work with people who need something and educate then walk with them until they achieve it. This is very unique and powerful. We provide this approach to individuals looking for better and for groups which support the needs of people. 


Based on which program speaks to you the most, you choose one of our areas of focus. We have options like, 2nd acts, life after divorce or career termination, last-time weight loss, thriving in a pandemic, general achievement (for people who want this but want their own thing), rising up from poverty and more. 

This is a positive, forward-looking group coaching programming you get to grow and benefit from the reflective power of a unified group. The energy is positive and uplifting. Success oriented!

You start with our six step education program (combined with group coaching and instruction). All human improvement requires learning new ideas. We call this Foundations. You learn the Foundations which are designed to unify students, change negative thinking and prepare for success. We support Foundations with a live-web-based session to help you through the course.


Once you finish Foundations, you create a mission to achieve something you want just like the rest of the students. We then work together in a powerful dynamic which is very humanistic, accessible, non-judgemental and about a group of individuals working towards creating something they want. 

We meet weekly over the web and review what we accomplished over the week. Someone in the class steps up to be coached on their progress or challenge. Others listen and learn how to think and help coach themselves. 


You stay or leave whenever you are done.

This is anonymous as you control it and friendships grow as we all are trying and we all need help to accomplish our missions. It is powerful, compelling and many times the best hour of our student's week. 

You have the six step foundations course and access to group web-coaching and after the Foundations course there are more lessons just achievement group coaching. At the end of our group sessions, there are times for just catching up with friends.

My world is SO mine!!

- Faith B

Why students join our studio

  • Managing the pandemic and staying strong
  • Weight-loss and living healthy
  • Seeking happiness and life satisfaction
  • Seeking meaning, purpose and help with success
  • Work/life balance and finding peace
  • Getting a new start. A 2nd act
  • Rising from divorce, termination or being lost
  • Feeling new and relating to life in a new way
  • Rising up from poverty and having a chance to break through

Which ones are yours?

You have given me new types of physical confidence that I have never had before, and that's a real gift, or as you would say a personal triumph!

- David L

Why do people use MyGuru?

  • Staying younger longer, being vital, alive and more passionate.
  • People who struggle with the many pressures of the world and need a guide to help
  • To have a new narrative and to greet the world in a new way. Feel better.
  • Feeling new and breaking through broken and boring ways of living
  • Achieving a dream or vision
  • Better health and wellness, weight loss, overcoming unhealthy habits
  • Better relationships or careers

What are your reasons?

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

"Traumatic or stressful experiences put individuals at greater risk for not only poor physical health but poor mental health outcomes, such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD."

"Protecting your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic"

APRIL 8, 2020"

Pandemic - Impact on health, well-being and dreams. 

Well before the pandemic started, we set out to help people create better lives. To discover the power and joy they already have but need direction and people to get them there. The motivation then was inspiration for a better life. That motivation was now to keep from falling into despair during this challenging time. 

The article referenced to the left mentions some solutions: 

  1. Create structure (we do this)
  2. Support--and create--your community (we do this)
  3. Take care of your spirit (we do this)
  4. Continue or seek out mental health treatment (we focus on helping people from falling into mental health issues by not struggling to stay afloat)

Remember that the emotions you may be experiencing are normal reactions to difficult circumstances. Accept that things are different right now and everyone is adjusting. Prioritize what’s most important and know that it’s okay to let some things go right now.

Be kind to yourself and others. Try to stay positive and use this time to spend more time with your children or spouse, try things you’ve been putting off, such as taking an online class, learning a new skill, or getting in touch with your creative side.

It can be hard to think past what is going on today, let alone in a week or in six months, but give yourself permission to daydream about the future and what is on the horizon. Remember that this is temporary, and things will return to normal."

You will get this and more here. We hope that you start to move forward.