The Art and Science of Transformation 

An Idea Is Born

The guru in MyGuru is you. You are the expert in you. You have your path, we just help elicit your best. When you work in our groups, you work with others on a similar path. The reflective value is that you see yourself through their journeys. It is a process of exploration directed at a better place for you. We have regular powerful moments which lead to growth.

Two simple steps. First, education to provide an easy and rewarding way for people to unify and strengthen their foundations as a person. Second, guide them as they to accomplish their dreams and change their lives. To lead their more meaningful lives. 

Our process:

  • Unify, mind, body, and spirit
  • Train your brain in a new way
  • Create a new narrative and feel good
  • Learn needed skills for people, time and problems
  • Set your adventure
  • Work with a coach in a group to live your adventure

Student outcomes:

  • More self-acceptance, peace, understanding, focus, energy, health and achievement. 
  • More understanding for yourself and others
  • Awareness of new possibilities through choice NOT unchosen patterns
  • Understanding the method of success through sensible commitment
  • Growing your good and the good in your life to grow stronger as problems get smaller. 
  • Deprogramming old narratives and rewrite a new story shocking and bold and let it teach you how amazing you are.
  • Growing your positive attitude and then using it to create your environment
  • Improving our life environment with applied strategies for dealing with the things that sink us: people, time and problems
  • Once you are strong, feel confident and great, we create YOUR mission, vision, break into easy steps and go for it as a group. 
  • You feel really supported, educated, positive and you make consistent progress towards the life you choose. 

An unexamined life is not worth living.

- Socrates

We exist to help people reach their meaningful life

Martin Seligman, the leading creator of positive psychology describes increased life happiness according to three measures. First is the "Pleasant life" with nice moments and things to enjoy and savor. The second is the "Good life" with finding our unique virtues and strengths and using them to benefit our lives. The third measure is called the "Meaningful life" where we use our strengths to the benefit of a cause bigger than our own. This is what we seek to prepare people to do. The first phase is to help create the pleasant life and the second phase to to help you craft and achieve the meaningful life. 

Click here to read testimonials from real people who are achieving their meaningful life.

Before anything, our purpose is to free people from limitations, poor health, reduce depression, conflict and increase the number of people believing they are amazing. Imagine a world if more people lived closer to their capabilities and best moments? The world would be filled with more light and peace, smiles and friendship. Sharing, growth and equality for everyone. 

We do this by freeing people to experience their best.

Human Resuscitation

MyGuru is the approach we call Human Resuscitation. Under the weight of responsibilities, jobs, care for others or getting a tough start, we fall asleep and forget what life is really about. Human Resuscitation leads people to rip down those barriers and feel alive again. The approach is new thinking about giving people a way to make dramatic impact on their lives and pretty fast. NONE of it rooted in pain or suffering or deprivation. For a program like this to be successful, it has to help people quickly and it must be easy. We built it with these issues in mind.

We are motivated by one simple thought. Humans who are healthy and feel good change the world for the better. We learned how to make this easier. You will learn to remove self-imposed limitations and as a result be free and capable of great openness and strength. Imagine people all over the world getting stronger.

The Origin of MyGuru

Above any commercial interests of providing for my family from my work is a need to help people. MyGuru comes from watching people suffer. It comes from watching decisions, that if different, would render better results. It comes from watching people believe that life is only what they think it is. We understand but we know that things change when we take the step and we built an approach to make it easy and complete. We make this approach available to individuals and groups which support the needs of the poor and uneducated for free because like them, they deserve to experience how amazing they are.

It is not an overstatement to say that we are becoming more joyless. We are increasing the number of people with depression. We are increasing loneliness, isolation, narcissism and aggression. We want to turn it around and have people see their incredible capacities. Those capacities await behind a wall of doubt, negativity or unawareness that this is not just possible; but your destination. MyGuru focuses on the full spectrum of being well for the individual.

We provide education and training to challenge people to break through with an approach rooted in helping the most reluctant grow. We designed our approach in the science of behavior change, balanced by humanistic psychology and spirituality needed to live lovingly, strong and true. Then, when our students feel great, we teach how to achieve and overcome obstacles. We provide tools and training to not just feel great but to overcome.

I believe MyGuru can show people that what they though they know about themselves is not true. To show people their greatness and watch them impact the world is amazing. I believe human evolution needs us to grow. I believe this is how.