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Under-served communities get an equal chance for success!

If you work with poor and under-served communities then we can help. Are there too many cases and not enough help? Do you wish there were more opportunities for your community to be helped but there is no budget left to hire additional coaches, mentors and support people? This is how MyGuru can help.

MyGuru offers a low flat fee to community centers which are responsible for helping low-income people live better lives. With this, the people you serve can join over any web-enabled device either at home, at your center or anywhere. We provide community centers with multiple opportunities to benefit. We provide well-being and health training to your participants and their families so your community will have access to this. We also allow you to use MyGuru as an affiliate member and earn commissions from people who pay to become students. Participants engage in our on-line well-being and success studio. This training builds people into a unified, strong and prepared person to take on challenge. Just like athletes train for a game, people must prepare for the game of life. This is an audio lecture, video and simple mind exercises they will perform to challenge limiting beliefs. These are once per week for six phases (like an on-line college class). Each phase should take around an hour. They are easy as they are directed at the individual student's story and not academic demands. When the on-line education is done there is a once per week live group achievement coaching session.

Students will learn

  • To unify their personal philosophy to believe in themselves.
  • Grow their good and develop behaviors which feel good and give energy
  • To create new powerful narratives.
  • Personal well-being, cognitive skills and create strong belief systems which foster focus and progress.
  • Finally, they decide and set a vision for themselves, convert it to a mission, structure it and go after it.
  • We provide group achievement coaching to guide them and allow them to succeed.

How we help your center

  • Support your counselors, program managers and mentor’s efforts – reduce burnout and increase success.
  • Increase the benefit of your program efficiently and effectively; you provide the leadership and we can support by reinforcing the possibilities in good choices and work.
  • Teach new ways for young people to break free and succeed.
  • We can extend this to community members.
  • We can help you with fundraising. Simply join our Year-Round Fundraising program and earn commissions on anyone who clicks a link and becomes a student at our on-line wellness studio.

We teach understanding of themselves, self-worth, life skills and goal setting. Then we coach live. We provide sessions on our process of overcoming limiting believes, behavior modification, positivity, self-respect and strength, focus, and creating a plan for success that is achievable. We make the sessions entertaining, stimulating, sometimes challenging, and always rewarding.

The outcome is providing with positive perspectives which challenge the youths to see themselves as way more, live healthy lives, choose positive behaviors and reach for their dreams. With this support, we will help prevent negative behaviors and choices, elevating yourself, choosing the better path, education and working towards a dream.

MyGuru’s mission is to help people see the beauty they are and to see the best they can be. We support your programs efforts by providing a voice which challenges youths to truly understand that they are so much more, how to feel really good about themselves, how to choose their perspective, think and then build their lives. We are a tool for community groups, youth groups and organizations with a charter to help the under-served.

MyGuru holds lessons and sessions over the web or by phone. We show youths that there is a beautiful way to understand their role in this world, remove limiting thoughts, break connections with beliefs and then we provide instruction on how to approach challenges. When we have built a strong foundation, we help our clients set smart goals and work with them to achieve their goals using positive psychology and coaching.

How it works:

  • For a flat monthly fee, all the people your program serves can attend live web sessions which are designed to be progressive and advance. They teach, provide simple exercises to help them learn and ultimately coach them towards goals.
  • Classes are live and recorded for playback multiple times per week
  • We provide a meeting link and phone, attendance tracking if you wish and follow-up support by e-mail. They can connect through your center, on a home device or through mobile apps
  • Live sessions per week times from which to choose to attend.

To be an affiliate, just send us a message and we will provide you with access to the next information session. 

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Please Note

If you are an organization that provides food or shelter for the needy, you may qualify to receive our services for free.

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