The Art and Science of Transformation 

The gym business has changed. Forever!

No longer are you just a facilities based location business. You will forever need to serve health and wellness to where ever people need it. The pandemic should have brought about new sweeping mindsets or you business will suffer. The new dimension is web-services. This should be a strategy you adopt now as the world has moved and evolved. So evolve with it. 

You are a wellness business so you must have solutions to help people deal with their minds and emotions. Trainers are NOT that. 

Add a new service you can be proud of for ZERO cost and serve your members better. Now, as we return, this is the time to grab as much market share as you can. Do it fast and do it better. We have a background in fitness ownership, sales, consulting and operations as well as experience with the equipment industry. Get new and fresh thinking. 

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Virtual revenue is the Holy Grail to fitness businesses. Virtual revenue is to modern fitness business what aerobics classes were in the 1980s or personal training in the 1990s. Learn about how this could help your fitness business. 

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Fitness Club Affiliate Program

In this pandemic, the one easy thing you can do is build your virtual revenue. Literally all you have to do with MyGuru is say yes. After that, you promote a link to our studio which is dedicated to you. If anyone joins (members, members family, friends, social media contacts... anyone... globally), you receive 50% of student dues WHILE they do something great for themselves. 

We cut our teeth in the fitness business. We understand competitive pressures your club faces and know what keeps you up at night. In an era of boutiques, the number of members will drop so clubs must seek profitability. After all, that is the reason for being in business.

Despite the real destruction reaped by the pandemic, you still have competition. The pandemic could be a blessing for some people who navigate it correctly. It is forcing change while protecting your base. However, you have to change and adapt. If you close then they can absorb your members and clients. You have to survive.

Clubs need to step up their game to compete. People are not coming to where you are so you have to go to where they are. In addition, fitness on demand is everywhere and people have options. What you need is a deep offering on self-help, wellness, well-being and transformation wrapped in a community of like-minded people. It is powerful and unique. You need this to be virtual and in addition, you need to expand this globally. We built this to achieve that. In addition, it does not cost you a dime. 

Many clubs lack the ability to create this type of program because they lack focus in knowledge to support their member base as running the business is hard enough. They also cannot hire quality people who are committed to staying so sometimes great programs walk-off when employees leave.

Clubs are looking for ways to keep and attract new members. They need a solution which is easy, cost-effective and delivers revenue. Challenges include:

  • Going where people are: their homes. 
  • There is an increasing movement towards being a wellness provider under which fitness is only a component. 

  • Competition
  • Non-committed employees 
  • Delivering on profitability
  • Serving members in a competitive market
  • Retention
  • Keeping members from becoming bored by adding new programming
  • Attracting new members desiring this solution

This is an easy, no investment and no risk turn-key health club business profit center. No term, quit anytime. Our solutions require fitness so we are not competitive - we are complimentary.

We provide an additional product offering to your members which will retain them, increase them and support new markets while driving profits. It does not require facility usage and we help market independently in your territory to drive business through various verticals.

The affiliate program can help with competition by having extra tools and solutions when prospects ask for weight loss, well-being, smoking cessation solution and more.

Contact us to learn more, have a conversation or to get started. 

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 Surviving the Pandemic Business Guide

As gym a former gym owner, manager and fitness business survival consultant (Operation Club Rescue), we spent time creating a way for small independent businesses to survive. Back then, we focused on competing against the onslaught of franchise boutiques but now can offer our focus on this pandemic. We studied the space, learned what the experts said, saw how the world was reacting and came up with ideas that fitness businesses could adapt to survive.

This moment may decide if you are one of the fitness businesses which survive 2020 or close. Each closed business is a destroyed life. The loss of a dream, the loss of investment, the loss of time working towards a failed business with nothing to show. Sadly, the failed business is not all that happens. A failing business breeds suffering, frustration, anger and the personal destruction that goes with it. Failed businesses many times involve drinking, divorce and bankruptcy. 

Never before, has there been such an immediate need to adapt to the demands of the world. This will challenge all businesses to look at who they are and actually commit to surviving or just hoping that they survive. Face it, people will not return at the level they did when you were struggling to compete. Now there are less potential members and the ones you have have reconsidered their options. There are less people, more demands on your staff to serve them and clean constantly. However, the ones that are coming now are the ones who do not care about the pandemic. The others are not coming back. You have to find a new way. 

Not only do you have a business based on dollars coming in, you have employees who rely on you to live. Your team is stressed by this and fitness professionals are experiencing more mental health challenges. People need your business to be strong.  

What does it mean when your business has no customers to pay? It means you shrink, close or adapt. If there is a silver lining, it is that all the fitness businesses are in the same situation. Ultimately, there is going to be market consolidation which is a nice way to say that many will close (not many will be acquired) and the ones that survive will increase market share as the stranded members will need you more. This means that you have to survive and you will reap the benefits of the reduction in competition. However, the same goes for your competition and they are looking at your business the same way. So, are you just doing the same thing and expecting a different result or have you adapted completely in a way that is going to help you long-term? 

Our free downloadable paper on Surviving the Pandemic and Dominating Your Market will explain the challenges and options to you. It will help you understand what is happening in fitness now and what will happen as a result of this pandemic. 

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