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Medical Center Provider or Affiliate

Everyday, doctors and nurses meet with patients who have chronic health conditions. Conditions which would be alleviated by better health and well-being. Unfortunately there is no way to be a fitness and health expert and guide them. They are normally not motivated and are stuck in a rut and you cannot make a fitness recommendation as it exposes your practice to lawsuits. Meanwhile, another person walks away with no direction to a live which would be well served by health and wellness. We can be that solution.

The world of healthcare and medicine is forced to change from a break then fix model requiring large and ineffective cost models to manage disease. We have to move to a well-being model with the growth of health as a norm. MyGuru is focused on healthy behavior modification and we are trained in Exercise is Medicine to work with clients to adopt healthy lifestyles. We do not lead in physical exercise. We help people learn to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors.

Medical centers which do not have their own in-house health and wellness programming, weight loss services, or solutions to common health care concerns. Physicians and nurses are not qualified or trained to assist people with the needed benefits of exercise to reduce, prevent or eliminate preventable chronic diseases. We can help.

When patients visit many times they have additional wait or health or stress or simple emotional challenges that can be benefited buy healthy lifestyle cognitive training in coaching support. For people with conditions which would dramatically benefit from healthy living, they understand that healthy living would help them but they are lacking confidence, motivation and understanding. We specialize in this.

Many times medical centers do not want to work with outside people in fear of risk. However MyGuru does not prescribe specific fitness or specific dietary programs. Patients meet with physicians and nurses and many times need some type of healthy lifestyle behavioral change.

They will need weight-loss, exercise, stress management, smoking cesation, sleep or even the benefits of positivity but the medical team has no direct solution. They suggest it but they do not give specific direction which is required on the spot to increase chance for success.

If a service was available right there the chances of having a customer participate increases dramatically. They could jump on a web-link right in the examination room which would take them to a page which simply builds their motivation and confidence that they could make healthy changes. We work on minds and learning and the customer finds their best solution.

We provide a web-site which allows patients to update their health vitals over time and their physical would get to know benefit. We are wellness coaches, personal trainers, behavior modification specialists and we are certified in Exercise is Medicine which is a protocol for working with medical centers on chronic conditions. We focus exclusively on positive coaching and outcomes supported by coaching science. Medical centers can become affiliates, donate their affiliate fees or simply refer patients.

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