The Art and Science of Transformation 

Physical Fitness and Exercise Offering

We currently offer the following:

- Elite Personal Training

- Warrior Kickboxing

- Situational Awareness For Everyone

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Body and mind training

We work with personal trining clients for both short-term and long-term sucess. Our personal training helps you make immediate changes and our transformation coaching will help make the changes stick so you are less likely to revert to old behaviors and have to start over.

Training to be your best. 

From our early days at Personal Triumph Fitness in 2003, we were crafted from working with people and guide them on their journey of imroved health and fitness. Combining all our elements is powerful. Personal training is training the person to succees accross the board. We use training to teach people they are stronger than they think. This has a freeing effect and helps our performance at home and work.  

Life is short. Struggle or succeed.

It is the behavioral management experience gained from experience which started this path. We call our training elite as we are unlike the trainers that you may think of at health clubs. We focus on total development of our clients mind, body and spirits to build an environment where you know that you are important. We want you to feel like you entered a world rather than bought a session. Most people stay the same. What does transformation mean to you?

Warrior Kickboxing

We like to work with clients who have a mission to accomplish something or people who have struggled with weight in the past and are fearful of problems and pain associated with trying again. When you train with us, you will get an experience that is uplifting. You will learn to trust yourself and see your capabilities. We utilize kickboxing to help people connect to their athletic nature. Too many of us believed that we just get old when science says we are young for as long as we train to be. This program combines kickboxing skills, personal training, weight loss and athleticism. You are trained like a fighter.

Karate Training

Karate is the perfect exercise. We teach inside high schools and in dojos accross the country and the world. If you know of an inner-city school, please reach out and perhaps we can provide an instructor for free.