The Art and Science of Transformation 

We exist to lift people and after the last year, people want to feel good. 

Welcome. We are trying to lift spirits and lives and are extending an offer to support the spiritual needs of people through daily prayer and lift the wellness and life needs of people through wellness/life self-improvement work. You need to register for the self-improvement group but can join and sit on our unity daily prayer as needed. We hope either or both bring you renewed peace and hope. 

Two paths: Prayer group and/or Feeling Better Group

For those have limited resources, you can join our Feeling Better Group for free. 

Five-minute Morning Prayer: 

This is just a simple phone call where you dial-in and go through a quick prayer process lead. This is a Christian format where we will speak of Jesus. The people going through it do not hold any position with any church. It is ultimately about love, hope, healing, mercy and feeling then offering God’s love. 

We dedicate time towards personal prayer intercessions (to pray for ourselves or others). This will be 7AM Monday through Saturday. Good for commuters, homebound, or those who stepped away to pray with others and feel renewed love of God.

To register simply use our contact page and use the subject Five-Minute Morning Prayer Group

Feeling Better Group:

The second part is our group of people working on making personal improvements in their life, health, careers, or areas which they need help. We will offer an evening option on Wednesday’s at 7PM. 

This will be a time to positively rebuild, reframe the past year, renew your want for better and take steps to move forward. This is free to people who are experiencing struggle and not simply curious dabblers or people who want a free service. Please be considerate as space is limited to those who struggle to make ends meet and deserve better. to keep your page interesting.

To register simply use our contact page and use the subject Wellness/Life Free Group