The Art and Science of Transformation 

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The stronger the people, the healthier the workplace

In a sea of workplace wellness providers, we did the hard thing and made it easy. We went after addressing the audience the others cannot address. These are the health and wellness resistant employees and the largest driver of health insurance costs. We specialize in reaching the audience which is closed off to all the noise that your wellness program makes. 

Unhealthy lifestyles, mental perspectives, energy and focus all lead to the performance of a team. Compound these by the power of the group and every organization needs a person to help manage people. According to WELCOA (Wellness Council of America), workplace wellness has yet to produce a strong ROI because those who participate in the programs are already exhibiting healthy behaviors, whereas the employees who need the help and are driving costs will not participate in those activities. 

We address this by being focused on the less motivated, the stressed, and those with chronic unhealthy behaviors; we know their mindset. We are not a fitness provider so there is no equipment to buy or instructors who are essentially teaching private classes to the already healthy. ROI is easier to hit when implementation costs are low. 

You can provide coverage to your entire team from starting at $200 per month and maxing at $600 and this includes families. They have access to our core program and in addition our workshop programs on relaxation, smoking cessation, healthy habit adoption and positive mindsets. 

Workplace Wellness

Organizations are comprised of people and people are comprised of their thinking, moods and behaviors. MyGuru is revolutionary in its design to help people in a workplace setting. We understand many employers are checking the box on the wellness program. We have designed mechanisms into our process to elicit their true selves and on their terms draw them into a new healthy reality. We are a low flat fee per month service and we are highly scalable. 

We focus on the resistant workforce. We can easily work with the populations which are motivated but that does not address the population which is more resistant to healthy behavior change. Most workplace wellness is incapable of addressing this audience. We made it our specialty.

With experience in corporate wellness, training from WELCOA, wellness coaching, personal training, Exercise is Medicine and our process and business experience, we can speak your language and interpret in ours. We meet workplace benefits needs to make the common programs accessible and we work this same process through the organization to bring a combination of humanization and performance.

We do this in a way which is powerful and cost-effective. It is flexible, comprehensive and effective. It is a new day. Your organization can have a guru who understands business, people and can guide you to new places. You receive access to all wellness programs.

We offer coaching and education on:

  • Executive and management performance
  • Stress management
  • Health, fitness and weight-loss
  • Attitude, Positivity and optimism
  • Smoking cessation
  • Goal setting and attainment
  • Energy and zest

The Workplace Wellness Line-up

MyPersonal Triumph

Do weight-loss and healthy living the right way for the last time. 

Mondays at 9:00am ET and Wednesdays at 6:00pm ET


Executive, physician, nurse and performance centered. Improve your game. 

Tuesdays at 8:00am ET

MyBad Habit

Stop smoking and done with integrated tools to surprise how easy it can be. 

Mondays at 4:30pm ET

MyChillin' Life

Stress kills! Take time for your new relaxed way to live. 

Thursdays at 9:00am ET and 4:30pm ET

MyExercise Habit

People resistant to exercise are not connecting - we make the connection.

Tuesdays at 12:00pm ET

Contact us to get started.

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