The Art and Science of Transformation 

For New Students

Education to grow stronger + Achievement Coaching = Success

Our approach derived from client sessions which helps you build from the ground up and get stronger. What we learned turned into a process where people can step through it to unify their thinking, seal the cracks of their foundations and build create a strong base to build the rest of their lives.

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As a student and part of our community, you have access to our on-line studio, powerful transformation class (audio book and exercises) and live Achievement Group Coaching on a wide variety of topics. This process is unique and powerful. Here is what students receive when they join the studio:

  • The audio transformation (like an audio book) program complete with wellness exercises. We call this Foundations.
  • Listen to the recording, pause occasionally to do wellness exercises which make change happen, then easy quiz.
  • Foundations has optional Foundations live web-session to help you make the most out of the audio program.
  • Access to the live, teacher-lead session where we review material, apply it, hear others and learn from each other.
  • Access to apps for tracking your health (optional)
  • Videos and classes on health, mind work, fitness and areas of interest in our community.
  • Social group of people who are going through things just like you.
  • Inspirational daily messages regularly to keep you charged.
  • Regular communication with your teacher to work through issues which are challenging you.
  • You will be working in our Achievement Group with others who want things just like you. You will hear them going through their journeys and that will help you succeed as you learn in this powerful group.

All this for just $36 per month.

This program is based on our approach called Human Resuscitation. The approach is now a six week Foundations course and it came from hundreds of client sessions and teaching classes. We made this into a course which we combine with live sessions of people in groups, working on similar missions as you.

Foundations is like hitting the reset button. It is everything good that we are and we claim it as our birth right. Just like Rocky Balboa trained for his opponents prior to his fights, so must we all get ourselves ready and feeling strong. 

The purpose of the Foundations course is to unify your mind and heart to heal and make you stronger and more prepared to succeed. The Foundations are a one hour video class with the Human Resuscitation (our book and approach) and exercises to be performed before you advance to phase two. Phase one ends in creating a mission, vision and establishing goals.

Phase two is our Achievement group where you work independently on your life but with other people in a progress, support focused group. Imagine healing, setting a mission and then working in a group where every week we see what people did over the week! Very powerful.

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