The Art and Science of Transformation 

You have people - we have the way!

We provide solutions for workplaces and medical settings. The top sections outline workplace and our medical content is listed below. 

Organizations are comprised of people and people are comprised of their thinking, moods and behaviors. MyGuru is revolutionary in its design to help people in a workplace setting. We understand many employees are checking the box on the wellness program. We have designed mechanisms into our process to elicit their true selves and on their terms draw them into a new healthy reality. We focus on the resistant workforce. 

With experience in corporate wellness, training from WELCOA, our process and business experience, we can speak your language and interpret in ours. We meet workplace benefits needs to make the common programs accessible and we work this same process through the organization to bring a combination of humanization and performance. We do this in a way which is powerful and cost-effective (starting at $200 per month). It is flexible, comprehensive and effective. It is a new day. Your organization can have a guru who understands business, people and can guide you to new places. 

See our solutions below. Reach out and we will show you the MyGuru difference. 

Medical Wellness

Let's face it. You are medical professionals. You are educated and skillful at detection and diagnosis and treatment. You have a great understanding of the impacts of unhealthy behaviors on your patients. You may have a nutritionist on staff but this is where MyGuru comes into the picture. MyGuru it the total wellness solution and we can meet your patients where they are. You have your mission and MyGuru has its mission. That is to change the world by introducing the most beneficial approach to the adoption of better and healthier mind, bodies and spirits.

MyGuru has studied healthy behavior adoption and sustainability and designed a program which is not like any other. We address the needs of humans in this process to change how change was done. We rewrote the book. You can feel confident in making a referral. We recommend posters in your examination rooms where people can text and start immediately. You did your job and they will receive help. 

When you examine a patient and you make a suggestion that their vitals indicate a healthier set of behaviors would help them avoid the onset of preventable diseases you lack the how. They leave there without specific advice on how to make these changes. They also deep down knew that this was what you would say. Few are totally surprised by this. They deceive themselves and the whole time they know.

They have confused the result of their bad health behaviors with their self-worth. We get this. They have feared change because when they tried before, the people administering it made it painful and only about the weight-loss activities. We serve the human as a whole and build them inside out before they choose the next step which is a healthy body to match their healthy minds and spirits. You can feel good that you have a good solution and confident that people will get help.

We can work with you to create a relationship where your organization can track progress and we have billing solutions to support a referral network. Contact us and we can help you understand how this works.